SATUDARAH Patch MC Biker 1% Jacket Badge

SATUDARAH Patch MC Biker 1% Jacket Badge

SATUDARAH MALUKU MC Embroidered Jacket Vest Patches. Top Rocker is 37cm. Indian Patch is 35cm high. US$35/ set
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SATUDARAH MALUKU MC Embroidered Motorcycle Biker Patch 

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Q: It is possible that you Can make the lower Maluku so it say DENMARK ?

A: Yes, we can do the same font as photo show with DENMARK Rocker Patches, but we have to charge extra Custom Patch fee.

Q: Hey, man How can I make my patch stick on my MC Vest do i need to Stitch it on?

A: You have to use the Iron heating to stick on your Vest with about 150 degree for few secounds. Or you can Stitch on your MC vest as well.

Q: Can I buy only the Middle Indian Patches for my Motorcycle Biker Jacket? And what 's the size?

A: Yes, you can buy Indian Patch only, the cost will be US$20 for only Indian Patches.