Pink Honey Peach 4cm Embroidered Patch

Pink Honey Peach Embroidered Patch Size is about 4cm with full stitches and iron on backing US$50 for 50pcs More information as below

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The shape of peach is unique, full of fine fluff, wearing a pink coat, water-smart. However, it has a big crooked mouth.

Wash and peel the peaches, and they will be eaten. Its flesh is yellow, it tastes crisp, sweet juice, very delicious. After eating, take out the seeds of the peach. This is its seeds. The seeds are brown with many patterns.

The skin of peaches is very soft. It looks like a thin layer of wings. It feels like you can see the flesh inside.

It has a fine layer of fluff on it, which does not touch well and gives people a warm feeling. On the side of the peach, there is a ditch that runs straight to the pedicel. 

Below is the peach embroidery patch, 100%emb full stitches with iron on backing, if you need custom your design logo like this, you can just contact with us, the patches size about 4cm wide, the cost price is US$50 for 50pcs, our email address is :





It is said that peaches can beautify the skin, clear the stomach and moisten the lungs and expectorate phlegm. Even Sun Simiao, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, called peach the fruit of lung. It can be made into yogurt, salad, pudding, jam and other delicacies.

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