A Brief Introduction To The Patch1

- Apr 23, 2018-

Embroidery patch ,means to design the software of logo in the picture through the logo in the computer, embroider the pattern on the cloth through the embroidery machine, cut and modify some columns of the cloth, and finally make a cloth with the embroidered logo. It is suitable for all kinds of casual wear, hat, all kinds of bedding, shoes and so on.

The early emblem was made of cloth, with a layer of layers attached to it, and then cut to highlight its colors and patterns. Because embroidery is an ornamental art, the badges made of cloth naturally contain some patterns and characters. It is not like other forms of textile decoration, such as knitting and knitting. Embroidery is to add something to the already woven fabric. Today, some badges are made by hand. Some are made of single head sewing machines, and they are embroidered on shuttle embroidery machines and embroidery machines.