A Brief Introduction To The Patch4

- Apr 26, 2018-

Hand Embroidered

This is a badge with unique appreciation and ordinary thread embroidery. Today few people have time to do embroidery in the old age. It requires a certain artistic skill to embroider a badge on the sewing machine with a thread similar to the line on the shuttle.

The art is to transfer the pattern to the fabric by punching the sketches and sprinkling patterns of charcoal on the fabric, or by using a soft pencil from a sketch. The sewing worker then moves the hoop of the fixed fabric with his hands and operates the needle on the sewing machine. This kind of work must be steady and quick, and the most important thing is to have good skills through long-term practice. This method has been doing small batch production and samples until 1970 's medium term, because of the application of computers on it, which made it universal. Because the computer ribbon can be copied perfectly in a short time on the multi head embroidery machine, this handcraft art has been lost.