A Brief Introduction To The Patch5

- Apr 27, 2018-

Paper padding

Paper padding It refers to something that is placed behind the embroidered badge to facilitate embroidery with fixed cloth. Paper lining is used when embroidering. After finishing the embroidery, if you want to add glue, you can add glue to the other machine. Embroidered emblem with back glue can no longer be embroidered. The magic sticker is also one of the embroidered emblem: it means that nylon is woven into two rows, one of which is a myriad of small ticks, and the other is a small round hole. When the two rows are combined, they can be stuck tightly. Its characteristics are durable, easy to open, can be cleaned, a wide variety of colors. HOOK and LOOP respectively refer to the surface and hair surface of Velcro.