A Friend From Holland Visit Our Factory

- Feb 25, 2019-

Dominic is a young man who come from Holland and today just visit our factory.

He is so tall that I have never see who one can taller like him, He is so sky like a big boy always blush on his face, he not our customer but is our customer's friend, Robert is our custom and he can not come to China so he let Dominic to visit our factory, we business twice time but like friends, they see our patches how to produce and how to use that, he always say : Amazing! that's amazing!! So pretty so nice...

We also have a lunch together, we talk to each other and take photo for memory this happy time, he really like our food yes our food is so good, after lunch we go to see the nature scenery, in Shenzhen China always like summer, we do not have snowing even in the winter, always hot and warm, Dominic said he like warm, we play the games together and singing and dancing, so happy today, he was so happy.

After night, we have to say goodbye for each other, we give him with our embroidery patches products for gifts, he also so happy and said will visit our company next month with a big business! that's cool!