A High-quality Embroidery Requires A Lot Of Energy

- Mar 21, 2019-

Now the development of embroidery industry is getting better and better, but traditional embroidery is gradually declining, why do you say so? Now embroidery is mainly used in clothing. 

Most of the embroidery products are accessories of clothing. In addition, the emergence of modern machine embroidery has a great impact on traditional embroidery. 

The work ability of machine embroidery is certainly inferior to that of human resources, but high-quality embroidery works are still artificially displayed, but it requires a lot of time for embroidery skills.

Yang Yun was born in 1980, the Miao nationality, from an early age with her mother to learn embroidery, making Miao clothes, but deeply fascinated by Miao embroidery, under the guidance of her mother and the local embroidery girl, she learned a lot of embroidery stitches. 

Not only that, she also used her spare time to collect customs from minority villages around the country many times, visited and learned from some folk Miao embroidery masters, to understand their Miao culture and history, and to learn their skills.

Yang Yun, who learned embroidery from her mother, grew up deeply fond of the craft of hand embroidery. Once she came to Tianlong Tunpu by chance, she was full of curiosity about the facial makeup of local opera. 

So she came up with the idea that she would embroider an embroidery that represented the facial makeup of Tunpu opera by herself. 

What made her unexpected was that the embroidery lasted for one year. Speaking of this facial embroidery, Yang Yun said, "Through years of continuous learning, induction and summary, we have mastered various needle techniques of Miao embroidery, and on this basis we have tried some innovations in techniques, such as the three-dimensional cushion high embroidery method used in this facial embroidery method. This kind of embroidery needs more time and patience, but the three-dimensional feeling presented by this embroidery method can make the embroidery vivid.