Cat's Claw Cup Make Many People Competition

- Mar 01, 2019-

These two days, Starbucks launched a new model.

Cat's claw cup.

Crazy screen brushing in Facebook.

It grows like this 


Appearance alone

It's an ordinary glass.

It's just a cat's paw inside the cup.

But when it's filled with milk

It changed and like this.


Then the cup quickly the growing popularity of Many people.

Many people can't control themselves.

Early in the morning, they straight to the Starbucks stores and queued up.

"Give me all of them."

In order to grab the cat's claw cup, there was a queue at four o'clock and a fight in the shop.

This cup just sell about US$20 dollors but now due to many people like it and want to buy some seller 

even charge the price to US$80 dollors !!! That was so crazy.

More exaggeratively, because of the limited number of cups in each store, many people fight directly in 

Starbucks stores in order to snap up the cups.

And some one rushed into the shop and smashed the whole cabinet of mugs.

It is so crazy when we meet our love thing but I think we make do the patches like this cup, make Cat's 

claw cup to embroidery patch that will be beautiful!