Classification Of Weaving Marks

- Jul 11, 2018-

One, according to the organization:

It can be divided into plain, twill and satin.

Plain weave can be divided into plain weave, heavy plain weave and Fang Ping pattern.

Twill can be divided into plane twill and satin twill.

Satin can be divided into 5 satin and 8 satin.

Two, according to the close distinction:

It can be divided into plane, satin and satin.

Three, according to the weft density:

It can be divided into normal weft density, high weft density and low weft density.

Four, according to the color of warp yarn:

It can be divided into black warp, white warp, mixed warp, colored warp.

Transparent warp.

Five, according to the type of warp yarn:

It can be divided into bright yarn, matte yarn and double strand polyester shrinkage yarn.

Six, according to the classification of weaving machine:

Can be divided into wooden shuttle weaving Mark, needle knitting machine weaving Mark (edge edge machine), burning edge weaving Mark.