Computer Embroidery Analysis Embroidery Development History

- Jun 09, 2018-

Chinese embroidery originated more than 3,000 years ago, and it is said that in ancient Suzhou, a smart and beautiful girl was making a new dowry before marriage and accidentally poked a hole in the clothing during the production process. She was anxious to use a color flower to embroider a small flower, not only to cover up the hole, but also very beautiful, and played a icing on the cake. Inspired for the first time, smart Suzhou people began to like to wear embroidered clothes.

    According to the "Saying Garden" written by Liu Xiang of the Western Han Dynasty, as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Ren began to apply the embroidery process to beautify life. By the time of the Three Kingdoms period, Suzhou embroidery had developed to a relatively high level. It is said that during the Three Kingdoms period, Madam Zhao used her own talents that she could both paint and embroider, and made a painting for Sun Quan. Painting embroidering was called by the time; Madam Zhao became the originator of painting embroidery.

    The text of the embroidery, see Yu Shangshu. At the time of the embarrassment, the embroidery has already taken place. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty has set up an official to handle its duties, and it has been embroidered by the court in Han. Ms. Zhao Sunquan of the Three Kingdoms embroidered the maps of the topography of the mountains and rivers. In the first year of Tang Yongzheng (AD 805), Lu was born in the seven volumes of Fahuahua and was embroidered on the tapestry. She is famous for her embroidery and is recorded in the former. Since the Han Dynasty, embroidery has gradually become a must-have for art lovers, and famous embroiderers have also occupied a place in the history of fine arts.

According to the function of embroidery:

  Generally, the functions can be divided into ordinary flat embroidery machines, gold embroidery (single gold, double gold, stacked gold, four gold), towel embroidery, winding embroidery (rope embroidery), laser embroidery, flocking embroidery, and caps. Embroidered clothing embroidery, high-speed machines, etc., at the same time there are a variety of high-end models of mixed functions, such as three-in-one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + winding embroidery), four-in-one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + simple winding embroidery + Towel embroidery) and so on.

    Combining ordinary embroidery, rope embroidery, gold embroidery, towel embroidery and other special embroidery, computer embroidery realizes the perfect combination of 6-color ring embroidery, multi-color flat embroidery, gold embroidery, and rope embroidery, and the embroidery is elegant and stylish. Strong sense of three-dimensional, widely used in clothing, curtains, bedding, crafts and other embroidery technology, application prospects are very broad.