Computer Embroidery Is Also Called Logo Embroidery

- Oct 25, 2018-

Computer Embroidery Is Also Called Logo Embroidery

Computer embroidery is also called "logo embroidery" in the custom-made workwear industry, which is more intuitive and clearer! 

Embroidery is a technique of arranging the embroidery thread into various patterns and colors on the already processed fabric by needle threading according to the design requirements. 

In the custom-made work clothes, the embroidery is divided into chip embroidery and clothing embroidery. 

What is 'chip embroidery, as the name suggests, is that after the piece of clothing fabric is cut into pieces, the piece that needs to be embroidered logo will be embroidered on the embroidery machine. 

The clothing embroidered is that the clothes are already finished, and then embroidered on the embroidery machine. 'Clothing embroidery' has many limitations. 

For example, large-sized clothes are not suitable for 'clothing embroidery', and clothing embroidery' is not more accurate. 

Therefore, here, Jundian clothing reminds the customers of the custom-made work clothes to be ‘chip embroidery’.

Computer embroidery can be called ‘high on the embroidery process, but there are many requirements for the logo. For example, your logo should not be too complicated, the color should not be too rich, and there should be no gradient. 

The technical requirements for embroidery are: smooth, uniform, flat, uniform and clean. Shun means that the straight line is straight and the curve is round and straight; Qi is the neat pointer, and there is no staggering on the edge; the flat refers to the accurate gesture, the embroidered face is flat, the silk is not skewed; the uniform is the pointer distance, no bottom, no overlap; It means that the embroidered surface is smooth and free of ink and other stains. Jundian Garment uses advanced imported embroidery machines to ensure the quality of logo embroidery for each customer.