Cradle Of Embroidery Art

- Jun 30, 2018-

Cradle Of Embroidery Art

The ancient and simple countryside is the cradle of embroidery art. 

The peasant girl in the countryside is ingenious and clever, and she learns from her mother or aunt to wear needles and embroidery thread from childhood.

In the country women's cabinet, there is a look like a magazine's yellow yellow cowhide cotton paper, a thousand layer embroidered line bag, and the colorful silk thread is hidden in the thousand layer Pavilion.

It is like a warm soil, lifts the ups and downs of life, and raises the broad chest of the mountains. 

The thousand storey Pavilion is still lying in my cupboard. 

It is the only one of the more than 70 - year history of the pavilion. In order to help the family, the grandmother used the silk thread to embroider flowers for the landlord family, and embroidered a civilized and smart life with wisdom. 

The barren time swayed through the marrow stroking, and the Juan embroidered into a kind of unswerving beauty. 

Women in the countryside often do not have to waste a minute and a second when they are idle. 

They are always meticulously embroidered in the eaves, bamboo groves, Liu Shupang, river water and grass. The flowers in the countryside are in full bloom in the ravine fields and thorns jungle.

A few strands of silk line dance, opera water mandarin duck pillow, dragon and Phoenix peony, rich and precious stomach, old cattle spring ploughing map will flow to the fingertips, the country's simple and bright bright. 

The flowers on these homespun or silk flowers make the countryside full of happiness, full of songs and full of sweetness. 

The tranquility is full of pride, and the light is filled with wings.

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