Different Embroidery Information

- Jul 05, 2018-


Commonly known as "embroidery", it is a skill on the fabric that has been processed, by needle, in accordance with the requirements of the design, and by the needle to organize embroidered lines into various patterns and colors.

Color embroidery

It refers to the embroidery techniques of all kinds of colored embroidered lines, which have the characteristics of plain clothing, rich needlework, fine lines and bright colors. It has many applications in clothing ornaments. The color change of color embroidery is also very rich. It produces a beautiful color effect by overlapping lines, juxtaposition and interlacing. In particular, the needle needle method is used to express the subtle changes in the color of the pattern. It has the characteristics of deep color and deep color, and has the rendering effect of traditional Chinese painting.


Also known as the air embroidery, is a certain degree of difficulty, the effect is very unique embroidery. Its feature is that in the process of embroidery, the hole is pruned in accordance with the needs of the pattern, and various combinations of patterns are embroidered in different ways in the cut holes. The embroidery is elegant and exquisite.


Also known as applique embroidery, it is a embroidery form that cuts and Embroiders other fabrics. The sustaining embroidery of Chinese Suzhou embroidery is also a kind of this kind. The embroidery method is to paste the cloth according to the design requirements, paste on the embroidered surface, but also between the cloth and embroidered surface between cotton and other things, so that the pattern has a solid sense. After sticking, use various needles to lock the edge. Embroidering and embroidering is simple, and the design is mainly made of blocks.