Domestic Computer Embroidery Machine Is Developing Rapidly

- Apr 18, 2018-

The development of computer embroidery machine in China has gone through the development of sixteen years. From the data, the manufacturer has developed from the original four or five to the present hundreds, and the annual output has developed from the original more than 200 to the present more than 30000. The machine varieties have developed from the original Dan Yiping embroidery to the present special embroidery. As fast as possible, we must catch up with the advanced international level.

In the last 3 years, the textile machinery exhibition and the sewing equipment exhibition in all parts of the country have evolved into a competitive stage for embroidery machines at home and abroad. Its development momentum and charm have drawn the position of computer embroidery machine from the marginalized products of Chinese sewing equipment to the center stage. China Sewing Machinery Association, to other large and small newspapers, magazines, advertising and so on, have taken embroidery machines and their related products as a focus in the industry of sewing equipment.

But in the rapid development of the road because of the state's preferential policies to reduce the quality of the market, thus reducing the competitiveness of their own, causing a passive situation that do not live to worry, live and worry. It is an indisputable fact that the competition ability of the users with imported machines is much higher than that of the domestic machine users. The last laugh will also be those who have already embarked on modern business management and brand building.

Now the manufacturers of domestic embroidery machines have completed the original original accumulation due to a large number of early pioneers in this field. They have developed from the primary stage of the manufacturing process to the high level of the second stage of entrepreneurship. A new product. The most important thing is that the production mode of Chinese parts and components has been developed from the small workshop of the family to the enterprise and the modern enterprise. It provides the prerequisite for the improvement of the whole domestic embroidery machine manufacturing industry. I believe that the computer embroidery industry will be better tomorrow.