Easy Ways To Become An Artist & Create Amazing Pieces Of Art

- May 05, 2018-

So you want to create art?  Become a true artist?  Maybe you thought of going to art school or university?  Sometimes we get blocked. Maybe life gets a little hectic. Maybe we don’t feel good enough. Maybe we feel stuck in the same old routine. I know that once I find something that works that I love, I tend to stick with it for months at a time, creating a large number of pieces using the same technique because it works and it’s exciting. That excitement eventually wears off and I end up feeling a little bored and stuck.  Before you spend tons of money on expensive art classes, try these 6 steps.

The 6 steps on the next page are what I use to create amazing artistic pieces and continue creating!

Go art supply shopping in your own closet. If you’ve been making art for long enough and are a bit of a packrat like me, you have to have accumilated a handful of supplies you used that one time and left untouched because they didn’t feel quite right in your hand. I have a set of gouache that i bought for a class a few years ago and never touched again that i recently started using again. Instead of painting with it (which I found incredibly frustrating) I’ve started to use it to draw, dipping a tiny brush in it as if it’s ink. There’s something magical about finding a way to make a tricky material finally work.

When was the last time you tried drawing with crayons? Or markers? Maybe even try picking up a coloring book — not one of those intimidatingly beautiful adult coloring books, but a kids coloring book. Simply holding these materials again should spark something inside of you. There’s no pressure to make something incredible when you’re using such playful materials. It also serves as a reminder that art is allowed to be fun if you want it to be. I know how easy it is to get stuck in your head with a million and one thoughts about what your art is doing and what it all means, but those thoughts so easily hinder production. It’s important to allow yourself to enjoy creating.