Eight Things To Pay Attention To

- Jun 05, 2018-

Eight things to pay attention to

First, it is necessary to see the way of washing on the clothes. The clothes of wool, silk, linen, and other materials are easy to shrink and deform after the water. They must be sent to the laundry dry cleaning.

Second, not easy to clean the sweat stains, can add two or three tablespoons of ammonia in the washing, soak a few minutes after washing, rinse with clean water, after washing procedures can be easily removed!

Third, the clothes that are stained with blood should be washed with cold water, because the hot water will solidify the protein in the blood. In addition, the radish contains the components that decompose the blood and can be rubbed with a gauze.

Fourth, when cooking, it is easy to dip oil stains on food. At this time, you can clean up with wet towel and lemon juice.

Fifth: wash down clothing three Taboo (can put winter clothes up)

One avoid dry cleaning. Because four vinyl chloride water will damage the protein in the down, affect the thermal performance, while the drying process allows fabric aging.

Two avoid the use of alkaline lotion in the process of washing, so as to avoid excessive degreasing and brittle damage.

Three taboos are ironed. The correct way to wash down clothing should be hand washing, neutral lotion and soft brush. After cleaning, put it in a cool place to dry.

Sixth: teach you to skillfully wash the white skirt

In order to make the white skirt cleaner, when washing, add the bleach powder in the soaked detergent powder and soak for 20 to 30 minutes before cleaning. In addition, rinse with rice water, white shirt is not easy to yellowing, or after washing clothes, then put in the dripping with blue ink rinse, can also effectively prevent white clothes yellowing.

Seventh: teach you to clean the pure cotton and white vest

The white vest has been yellow for a long time. The way to make the old vest white as the first is to wash it with clean water first, then rub it with soap or detergent, after washing the water, gently rub it out with soap or detergent powder and no longer rinse, then put it in a plastic bag, lash it well in the sun for more than l hours, and then wash it out.

Eighth: the washing and maintenance of T - shirts

1) T - shirts usually have printing patterns, in order to make the pattern bright, usually with glue paddle printing, glue paddle printing feel more hard, usually do not pull the printing part, so as to avoid the cracking and falling off of the printing glue.

2) do not rub the printing part hard when washing, so as not to cause cracking and shedding, do not use the high temperature of water to wash, so as not to accelerate the aging of the adhesive paddle, when the T-shirt ironing, do not directly burn the printing parts, ironing in the reverse side, do not force too hard, spray a small amount steam steam.

3) when washing, if necessary, do not use bleach. The domestic washing powder usually has bleach, such as the larger washing powder can not be put more to prevent discoloration. Washing powder usually has a light brightening agent to make the laundry more white, but if it is too large or repeated, the strength of the cloth will be reduced and the feel of the cloth will harden.

4) the collar T-shirt collar is generally a rib collar, it has a good elasticity, but if pulling too much, easy to make the rib hard to reply, many times will lead to the collar deformation, to prevent the deformation of the collar, mainly in the usual attention to skills, when drying the clothes hanger from the shirt feet into T-shirts, not to pull round collar.

5) do not expose to the sun in the sun so as to avoid fading. Some T - shirts are made of elastic fabric. In the sun, the elastic fiber will be crisp and the elasticity and strength will be reduced.

6) in order to prevent deformation, dry clothes should be dehydrated, and try not to wring them dry by hand.

If you are able to take a little attention to these common sense and be able to do it in the usual way, you can do it and believe that your T - shirt will be more durable and new.