Embroidered Edition 2

- Jul 26, 2018-

Liwenjun is our best digitizer for digitize the file to embroidery, he can digitize more than 10 files about letters digitizing.

The basic method of printing has not changed. 

We also need to draw a map which is 6 times the original size. When the computer is used, the pattern is 6 times smaller than the normal size, but it will not be inaccurate.

The picture is placed on the digitizing board, and the direction is aligned with the pattern embroidered on the machine and straightened. When working on it, do not let it move.

The most important thing is to study the layout, the starting point of the plan, the path of planning lofting, the arrangement of color changing sequence and the jumping of the needle.

Liwenjun also tell me sometime he will meet the difficult files to make then he have to use 2 days for digitize it. But the quality wil very well.

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