Embroidered Edition3

- Jul 27, 2018-

Begin to spend some time doing the work above, so that you can not rework or destroy the work. It is also necessary to plan the density of the needles required for the pattern. In short, the general concept of the pattern must be kept in mind.

The enlarged drawing should be an exact copy of the sketch. The printer is responsible for converting the diagram into machine language of a specific machine. The typesetter's skill is the most important in the whole production. He should show the designer's ideas and ensure the quality and appearance of embroidery. A basic requirement is to enlarge the sketch appropriately with the appropriate number of needles, and use appropriate tension to spread the fabric correctly on the machine.

At this point, the role of a printer is similar to that of a diamond cutter. Because his technology determines the fate of his final work: failure? Or is it always brilliant?