Embroidery And Digitizing Patch 5

- Nov 27, 2018-

I do not know how to change it to make like more perfect embroidery patch but I will try it.

However, the general flat rust in thin materials are used # 11 needle. If leather embroidery is carried out, needle No. 9 (i.e. needle smaller than usual) is required. 

This is because the strength of sewing needle is lower than that of NY needle, so if ordinary sewing needle is used, it may cause more broken needles.

In addition, when three-dimensional embroidery is carried out, a piece of Urethane (commonly known as "shoe glue") should be put on the material before embroidery can be carried out on shoe glue. 

Therefore, three-dimensional embroidery using #14 needle (that is, choose a slightly thicker needle) will be more suitable.