Embroidery And Digitizing 14

- Jan 02, 2019-

Suzhou Craftsmanship Park guides industrial agglomeration through scientific planning, provides a platform for the development of traditional cultural and creative industries such as Su Embroidery, and makes the industrial chain develop benignly.

China Embroidery Network reports:

In recent years, the development of cultural industry is getting better and better, which also makes the traditional culture and art revive slowly, and is continuing to innovate and upgrade development. Recently, with the opening of the 16th Suzhou Folk Art Festival and the 2018 Wuzhong Cultural Creative Fair, the Suzhou Craftsman Park, located in the Phoenix Cultural Industrial Park in Wuzhong District, officially opened. This indicates that through scientific planning to lead industrial agglomeration, Su's creative industry has a new display platform.

Jade carving, nuclear carving, mahogany, embroidery, silk, Sufan... Suzhou Craftsmanship Park, with the core of Suzhou culture, covers 30 arts and crafts categories, gathers hundreds of Suzhou craftsmen, and has 12 display areas with different themes, which focus on displaying various kinds of Suzhou craftsmanship and fine arts. Including the functions of cultural propaganda and display, cultural experience and brand promotion, the development of multi-category Suzhou crafts and cultural experience projects opened a new window for the dissemination of Suzhou culture.