Embroidery And Digitizing 15

- Jan 03, 2019-

Suzhou Craftsmen Garden not only undertakes the responsibility of spreading Suzhou culture and inheriting Suzhou's craftsmanship, but also explores a new path for the development of Suzhou's creative industry. 

As a new platform for creating industry in Suzhou, Suzhou Craftsmanship Park is exploring the establishment of a new development model for creating industry in Suzhou. By creating a whole industry chain that integrates market research, creative design, production and processing, brand promotion, integrated marketing and capital supply, the closed-loop operation of industrial ecological chain can be realized.

Among them, the Suzhou Craftsmanship Park combines the strict selection of Su Zuo products with creative design and creative research and development. 

It integrates brand integration, product packaging and unified packaging output through the industrial platform, thus realizing the market operation and forming an ecological chain of Su Zuo's creative industry. In order to form a closed-loop ecological chain, Suzhou Craftsmanship Park develops gifts customization, financial investment, overseas art market resources, and establishes new link channels. 

After opening up new retail channels, market feedback is sent to through market research and industrial data analysis, which promotes a virtuous circle of industrial chain.