Embroidery, Chinese Gifts

- May 30, 2018-

Many people still vividly remember the Shanghai World Expo four years ago. Zhiran Zhai is fortunate to be a supplier to the Expo. In addition to the magnificent venues and exquisite exhibits, small gifts from all over the world can be put down. These small gifts are carefully selected by the owner, can clearly show their geographical and ethnic characteristics, and express their historical and cultural origins. All these elements that make them proud are gathered together in a small craftwork, which is totally natural and lovely.

 For example, the Danish bookmark. Its main body is a silver-plated hook with a rough pattern on the hook. At the end of the hook, a beaded glass bead and some pink tassels are attached. Such a gadget is reminiscent of the Nordic snow-covered land, the ancestors of the Danes - the viking Viking pirates, and Denmark's rich beeswax. Now they are actually condensed on a small bookmark. It seems to tell us that Denmark is a well-developed country, but their veins are still bleeding from their ancestors and their pioneering spirit is still their instinct.

Grasping this bookmark is like holding the Danish's rough and strong hands, faced with their honest and kind smile, and experienced their clear, cold temperament. These are the best aspects of their ethnicity. Obviously, this is a successful national marketing, but also cultural marketing, ethnic marketing. In fact, every country’s small gifts in the Expo have done this.

What are the characteristics of the Chinese people? Or, what kind of image does the Chinese want to be accepted by foreign friends? Good, hard-working, dexterous, smart, long-lasting, profound culture. These traits are not only proud of Chinese people, but also widely recognized by foreigners. It is not easy to find a gift that carries all these qualities. Chi Zhai believes that embroidery should be a good alternative.

China is the birthplace of silk, and embroidery craftsmanship was also first discovered in China. Silk's rich luster and delicate, silky feel can not help but lament the Creator's grace. The Chinese are deeply defensive, so they can be dressed in silk. When silk first passed on to the West, its glorious glory made Westerners dumbfounded. When Roman constable Caesar first appeared in silk dress in the Senate, all thought it was the god of the heavens. The soft touch of silk deeply soothes people's bodies; the lightness of silk does not give people the slightest burden. Silk, in the eyes of people, is a symbol of nobleness, kindness, tenderness, and tolerance.

Embroidery is a hard and meticulous job. Over the years and months, you will be able to concentrate, regardless of the cold or the heat, whether it is morning or evening. Only hard-working Chinese can do it. In ancient China, embroidery was a compulsory course for women and was also a means by which many women made a living. A good embroidered product takes several months, which has greatly improved the willpower, energy, and mental tolerance of women. Two thousand years have passed and generations of embroidered mothers have grown up. Embroidery has shaped their persevering, hard-working personality traits.

Indulgence alone cannot do embroidery. Embroidery also needs a smart hand and an artist's brain. Chinese embroidery emphasizes Qi, light, straight, uniform, thin, smooth and dense. In order to do this, in addition to hardworking and practicing, congenital gifts are also very important. Shen Shou, an embroidery master at the end of the Qing dynasty, took part in the Universal Exposition with a crucifix embroidered work and caused a sensation in the world. Foreigners cannot understand that human hands can be smart. In the sales process of embroidery works, Zhiranzhai saw more expressions of joy and admiration on the faces of foreign customers. Those lifelike flowers, birds, and worms make them cherished.

Embroidery is constructed with fine needlework. The arrangement of needles and needles must be carefully thought out and planned. It also means creating emotional and imaginative scrolls in a sensible way. Carefully admiring a masterpiece of embroidery, you can see every needle is just right. The work of intentions means endless. These fully reflect the meticulous, delicate and profound Chinese thinking. It is not surprising to think of the Chinese people’s outstanding learning ability and their outstanding contribution to science and technology.

The philosophy of the Chinese people is based on peace. Gentlemen are different. China's ancient dynasty, a large central state, has lived in its own right and has been using Weidwe in four directions. Never do the kind of conquest and plunder, and take things as neighbors. The government is committed to weaving a tribute system that is responsive to all countries in the world. The central dynasty is like a sun, Ze is four. Although embroidery is a small handicraft, it still upholds this philosophy. Embroidery can not be achieved overnight. It needs to be gradually managed. After exhausting hardships and arduous efforts, it will finally become a big concept. This cannot but remind us of the process of China’s rise as a manufacturing power.

Therefore, embroidery embodies many qualities of the Chinese people and is an ideal gift of Chinese characteristics. It is a card for Chinese people.