Embroidery News2

- Jan 14, 2019-

China Embroidery Network reports:

In the northwest border area of China, Kazakh women there have a lot of free time in the past of the busy farming season, that is, when winter is idle. In order to liberate women's productivity and make effective use of this spare time, the local government vigorously promotes the development of embroidery industry and helps women increase their income.

Yelewusizi Manani, a villager in Salargash, Keling Township, Nyilek County, is receiving instructions from an embroidery teacher at home recently. Her embroidery handicraft will be sent to Yili merchants.

Yelewuszi said that when the embroidery products were almost finished, the embroidery teachers would bring materials to their homes to introduce new orders for them. In the past winter leisure, she could only do housework and feed livestock at home, and her income was very limited. Now, with the guidance of the township government, they can achieve income increase without leaving home.