Embroidery News3

- Jan 21, 2019-

Many excellent inheritors of embroidery have excellent qualities. In their own success, they will not forget to develop with the people around them. There is a inheritor of Miao embroidery in Kaili City, Qiandongnan Prefecture.

Gu Lanhua is an ordinary peasant woman in Meixiang Village, Kaitang Town, Kaili City. She is also the leader of Meixiang Village. Supported by the "Splendid Plan" in Guizhou Province and the "Happiness on the Fingertip" project of the United Nations Development Programme, she inherited the traditional embroidery skills of the Miao family and led villagers to develop the Miao embroidery industry, becoming a successful example of "Happiness on the Fingertip" precise poverty alleviation.