Embroidery News7

- Feb 19, 2019-

More than 300 works of art, photography, calligraphy, paper-cut and embroidery were collected in this exhibition. The participants included artists and art enthusiasts from counties (districts), cultural centers (stations), calligraphy associations, schools, communities and the masses. A total of 100 works were selected by experts to participate in the exhibition. His works are closely related to the theme of the times, with distinctive features, diverse themes, different styles and strong artistic appreciation, among which there are many excellent works. The exhibition aims to further promote the traditional Chinese culture, promote the prosperity of our city's culture, and constantly stimulate the community's cohesion, solidarity and enthusiasm for building a better home.

It is reported that the Zhongwei Municipal Mass Beauty Film Book Paper-cut Embroidery Works Competition, as a mass cultural brand event of the Spring Festival in Zhongwei City, has been held for five consecutive sessions. Over the past five years, more than 4000 literary and artistic works have been collected. With the continuous improvement of social influence and the continuous enhancement of the creativity of the masses, it has become a beautiful business card for the mass art, photography, calligraphy, paper-cut embroidery activities in our city.