Embroidery Products Are Too High On The Price

- May 28, 2018-

Today one customers consider some embroidery products are too high on the price,Could we make some adjustment on some production projects so that to decrease the price?

Of course we can, we can get down to do from the materials, such as the fabric, colors, quantity, thread and so on. In particular when adopting the materials made in the mainland of China, the prices can be decreased much.

However, there would happen some risks if do so, because it matters with the toxicity test, international standard quality and after-sale services. It's very hard for the materials made in mainland of China to pass the Occident marketing's Toxicity test and quality standard. Once occurs some problems, Who will bear on it?

Besides, the manufactures don't have the after-sale services, this is to say, the cargo goes out, is generally irresponsible.

So, we cannot promise for them, Owing to their not good coordination and cooperation.