Embroidery Stitches5

- Jun 28, 2018-


A needle is a kind of travel that can not be seen in embroidered products. Some bottom line always goes to the edge of the pattern, or the whole part of the pattern is integrated in the process of printing. The bottom line also plays an important role in causing stereoscopic effect.

When playing the lace, sometimes the bottom pin is more than the pin above, depending on the bottom line network structure, the needle on the top can form the overall pattern.

Narrow needles are flat needles with no bottom line. If they do not start with needles at the beginning of embroidery, narrow needles will be embroidered and densely stitched. It can be used to form lace, tapes and so on. For example, the pattern of white narrow needles formed on black fabrics requires one or two single needle bottom lines.

A needle can also be a blatt stitch. Adding a layer on the bottom pin can make people feel the change of the appearance of embroidery, and when it is stitched on it, it can produce a beautiful 

three-dimensional effect.