Underlays Embroidery Stitches

- Jun 29, 2018-


When embroidering badges, they must have underlays, which act as reinforcing edges, creating outlines and carving patterns on the bottom cloth. 

The bottom line can also fix the embroidery pattern on the fabric, because when the fabric has tension, the texture of the fabric may distort the pattern. The bottom line is in the pattern, and the cover stitch is embroidered on the bottom line, so that this situation can be avoided.

The number of needles required in the pattern does not need to be displayed in the sketch. 

The number next to the narrow needle indicates the number of bottom needles applied by the printer. 

For example, 3x indicates a 3 or 3 row of bottom needles; the number of needles required to form a flower shape may be marked with 12 in the pattern edge or pattern when the needle is embroidered with a needle. 

This implies that the design is satisfied with the total number of rings (movements).