Embroidery Style Patches You Know This

- May 19, 2018-

Embroidery Style Patches You Know This

Embroidery, as a traditional Chinese folk art, has decorated thousands of Chinese clothes for thousands of years. Now, in Togo, the African country, the young designer, Dimeon, is devoted to embroidery. He specializes in the Chinese art of learning. After learning to return to the country, the embroidery technology is taught to the next generation of Togo.

"I sow the seeds and hope that this" embroidery "tree can thrive on the red soil of Togo. Said Dimeon, 30.

Reporters first knew Di Mei long, who was organizing the "38" women's day fashion show at the Chinese Embassy in Togo. On the same day, he led a model team in his design fashion with many Chinese elements on the stage T. The "Chinese imprint" can be seen everywhere in the design of Dimeon, and the most widely used and the most vivid one is Di Meilong's endless embroidery.

"Embroidery fascinates me. It's a very beautiful art. I think this process can be highly integrated with the national costumes of Togo through design and processing, so that the ancient Togo dress can bring new vitality. Dimeron said.

Togo's national costumes are famous for their patterns and colorful colors. By designing, Dimeolon replaced the original color pattern with the embroidered part, giving the unique stereoscopic and oriental charm of the dress. In addition, he also ingenious, in the cuffs, necklines and other places to stitch with embroidered decorative cloth.

"This kind of dress that is improved with embroidery elements is very popular in our country. People have never seen such a craft before, and they are willing to buy it at a high price." Dimeron said.

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