Embroidery Training Course

- Mar 14, 2019-

Embroidery Training Course

With the approaching of the Spring Festival, many local migrant workers began to return home in large numbers, and the lost labor force temporarily returned. 

Many local governments have begun to make extraordinary efforts to retain the labor force.

In Gansu Province, Baiyin Township, Sunan County, takes full advantage of the favorable opportunity for migrant workers returning home and pastoral rural labor to concentrate on idle agriculture around the Spring Festival. 

Recently, a 15-day training course on ethnic dress cutting and embroidery was held.

The training course invites Xu Runhuan, associate professor of Lanzhou Garment Workers University, and Han Xiaoqin, an embroidery artist, to conduct training on ethnic costume tailoring and embroidery for the women who have the desire to develop ethnic tourism and cultural industries in the whole town, focusing on on the on-site guidance of costume tailoring, manual embroidery techniques, basic stitching and color matching. 

The training course adopts the way of combining learning with training. While carrying out theoretical teaching, it organizes a large number of practical operation training, so that theoretical learning and practical operation can be integrated together, so that the trainees can learn, learn and apply what they have learned.