Flower Embroidery Patches Border

- Jun 28, 2018-

The machine embroidered lace adopts automatic embroidery machine embroidery, that is, under the control of the jacquard mechanism, the stripes pattern is obtained on the grey cloth, and the production efficiency is high. Fabrics of all kinds of raw materials can be used as machine embroidered grey fabrics, but most of them are thin fabrics, especially cotton and rayon fabrics. There are two types of machine embroidery and big machine embroidery, and the most commonly used embroidery is machine embroidery. The length of the embroidered lace is 13.7 meters (15 yards) and embroidered on 13.5 meters long fabric. It can be made into embroidered flowers or cut into lace strips. Different embroidered bottom cloth can be used according to different requirements, and different kinds of lace are produced, such as water soluble lace, net cloth lace, pure cotton lace, polyester cotton lace and all kinds of gauze strip lace, etc. The flower pattern can be adjusted at will according to the needs. 2bw.Megx machine embroidered lace is one of the major types of embroidery lace. It is made of water soluble nonwoven fabric as the bottom cloth, with viscose filament as embroidered thread, through the rust of computer embroidery machine on the bottom cloth, and then treated by hot water to dissolve the water-soluble nonwoven bottom cloth and leave the lace with three-dimensional sense. It can be made according to the requirements of the shape and shape of the special shape, the latter is widely used in clothing collar and bra decoration. The embroidery machine is equipped with a multicolor automatic color selection and color changing device, which can be used for single color machine embroidery or multicolor machine embroidery. The average length of flowers is up to 650, and the width of the lace is above 10. The embroidered lace has many floral patterns, exquisite embroidery, uniform and uniform appearance, vivid image, artistic sense and three-dimensional sense. At present, the origin of machine embroidery in China is mainly concentrated in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang Xiaoshao area. Machine embroidery has high efficiency and low cost. It has been widely used by most manufacturers.

After a long period of development, there are more and more embroidery lace. There are special embroidery lace, polyester and cotton lace, coil embroidery, striped embroidered lace, water soluble embroidery, printed embroidered lace, embroidered lace, hollowed Embroidered Flower.

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