French Embroidery A Fantasy Different From Chinese Embroidery

- Apr 19, 2019-

French embroidery : a fantasy different from Chinese embroidery.

Are you intoxicated with it?

When it comes to embroidery, you will surely think of delicate and complicated Chinese embroidery, which is as humanistic as ceramics and is inseparable from our life. But today Xiaobian is going to introduce a kind of embroidery technology from France.

Embroidery originated from human tattoos. After the rise of the textile industry, people began to show various patterns on clothes to identify themselves. 

Around the Warring States Period, embroidery has been completely popularized among the civilian population and has become a daily manual production method. Embroidery is an ancient art in China. 

In the 17th century or so, the increasingly mature Chinese embroidery technology was introduced into France, which greatly promoted the development of local embroidery industry and became a fashion.

About French embroidery, you may not know very well, but every year in Dior or Chanel show those high-set clothes, you must not be strange. 

These clothing on the most gorgeous embroidery, the use of French embroidery, as an important part of European embroidery. 

French embroidery and Chinese embroidery are very different, Chinese embroidery pays attention to plane smoothness, in the embroidery of the needle are mainly used to hide thread.

Chinese embroidery absorbs many elements of Chinese painting in composition, including realistic flowers, birds, fish and insects, as well as freehand lake and mountain scenery. 

When expressing the stereo sense of an object, the gradient rendering of the color will be used more, and the pattern with rich layers will be constructed according to the color and luster of the silk thread. Although it is still on a plane as a whole, it can go beyond the plane and see many changes.

French embroidery emphasizes the use of various materials to construct a three-dimensional sense, such as ribbon or gemstones, can become materials in French embroidery. If Chinese embroidery is a picture, then French embroidery is like sculpture. 

In French embroidery, vines and flowers are the most common ones. When expressing flowers, French embroidery mostly cuts out petals or makes embroidery pieces, then sews them on clothes, so that the flowers stand out on the plane and have a very realistic three-dimensional feeling.

French embroidery will focus on creating a magnificent effect, so it will use many valuable materials. Such as gold and silver thread, cutting gems, water drills and so on are materials used in French embroidery, which also makes the ready-made clothes made by French embroidery expensive. After all, skirts full of gems are not affordable for all people, so in ancient times, this embroidery technology has been serving the Royal family.

Generally speaking, French embroidery is a very worthwhile art to learn, including needle method and composition, there are many places worth learning. In fact, whether it is Chinese or French embroidery, it is a needle-tip art, through repeated work for a long time, we have now seen the beautiful embroidery. But with the development of science and technology, many artificial embroidery have been replaced by machines, and few people are willing to engage in such boring work. Here Xiaobian hopes that you can pay more attention to embroidery art.