Cat Embroidered iron Patches

- Mar 06, 2018-

Today we need digitize a cat with embroidery patch, so we go to the cat house to see the cat how cute they are.

Curled up under the chair, it was white all over, and its grape-sized eyes overflowed with a breath of inspiration. The lazy look is really cute. Loose eyes blinked.

Five days of sunshine shone under the chair. He got up and put forward his fluffy footpad. He exaggerated a lazy waist. His narrow eyes suddenly gave out a bright light, and a sound was sweet enough for his master to lead his bowels.

If a dignified gentleman stepped out of the door and saw only a slight tremor in his fur, the smart little fellow had flew up on the roof and could not be found by raising his eyes again...

When night falls, the little flower cat appears to be particularly spiritual. It stares at the door of the mouse house with big round eyes and waits quietly. Once a goal appears, the cat will rush to catch it dead and eat a good meal.

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