Guangdong Embroidery Patch

- Jun 01, 2018-

In the middle of eighteenth Century, Guangdong was also popular with "leather embroidered", which is a kind of silk embroidery. 

The bottom layer is mostly sheepskin gold, and the golden light is flashing, especially beautiful. 

Guangzhou embroidery artists also creatively use the peacock hair to make embroidered flowers,

embroidered gold and jade extraordinary; some also use horsetail bristles to wrap around the fleece as a thread.

Yue embroidery was highly praised in the 1915 Panama games and the London conference in 1923. 

Today, Guangdong embroidery, large pieces of embroidery such as quilt, screen, small pieces such as purse, fan sleeve, embroidered shoes, and many other flowers and birds, as the folk custom and rich in decorative taste, and often used as the Phoenix, peony, pine, crane, ape, deer, chicken, goose and so on as the theme, mixed to form a picture. 

Women's sleeves and skirts are mostly covered with flowers,which are very thin and flat, and some of them are turquoise blue, with unique style. 

In short, Guangdong embroidery with strong local color is popular in the world as well as overseas Chinese in Hong Kong and Macao.