Happy Birthday To Jonna

- Feb 23, 2019-

Today is Jonna's birthday our company celebrate together, every stuff birthday we will buy the cake and eat all together so happy this thing, for birthday I hear the story about it as below:

There was a young man from a poor family. There was only an old mother who was over seventy years old. Suddenly the teenager was seriously ill and there was no money to cure him. When he was dying, someone told him a way to say that on a certain day of the month, Baxian would pass by and could prepare drinks for their help. So he did it. He saw Baxian and cured his strange disease. On his parting, Baxian told him, "Today is the day of your rebirth. Every year after that, you will celebrate it today and live a long life." After the news spread, celebration drinks and guests gradually became a local custom, spread. Although this is a legend, it can also be seen that birthday in many people's hearts has a meaning of eliminating disasters and diseases and praying for peace in the coming year.

So when my birthday I think we will make more happy.