Hey Good Morning Everyone

- Feb 28, 2019-

This morning I want to run with the mountain behind my house, so I wearing Vans shoes with pink T-shirts. Then I run in the mountain and see the beautiful scenery.

It was getting light, and the pale blue sky was set with a few remnants of stars, as if they were playing hide-and-seek with me, and soon they were gone.

The earth is as dull as a black jacket. At this time, all lazy and silent, a bird song pierced the silence. After a while, a fish belly grew white in the sky, and it began to light. Suddenly, in the eastern sky and mountains, the treetops are covered with a dark red veil, which is the morning glow! 

The sun is coming out.

Gradually, the sun came out of the horizon, red, like a snail carrying a shell moving, climbing up bit by bit. Suddenly, the sun popped out, like a young man full of vigor and spring breeze. The sky changed from black to golden, the sun rose slowly, and the light made people unable to open their eyes. What a beautiful moment!

For a moment, the golden light shines on the earth like a long dragon in golden armor. When it shines on the grass, the grass becomes golden, the dew becomes golden, when the cock crows, the red cock becomes golden cock; when it shines on the field, the wheat is nourished and keeps growing; when it shines on the mountain, the mountain becomes a golden mountain; when it shines on the forest, the tree becomes a golden money-spinner. What a beautiful picture scroll!

Such a beautiful sunrise, how can I forgot it?

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