High Quality And Inexpensive Embroidery Patch

- Mar 23, 2018-

Today is Friday, there are 5 days from the time, our shop will have a big promotion, even so, today I still received customer orders of front patches, As a result, the appearance and quality of our products are recognized by the customers, competitive price is we have been advocating, let customers buy high quality and inexpensive embroidery patch. 

Sometime we will meet malicious buyers, our custom link is just for pay link so the price is US$1 and when you have logo design need custom, we will quote the price for you, when get you confirm then we will let you knnow how to pay it, like the charge price is $200 then we will let you click the pay link and add quantity to 200pcs then the cost price will be US$200 then you can pay.

But some Malicious buyers just pay $1 and want to custom patch for 20pcs or 50pcs, this is unreasonable! We message for him many times but he do not cancel this $1 and want us to ship patches for him only $1 even for shipping fee is not enough, and when he do not get order he will give us bad feedback.