How Do Computer Embroidery Generally Operate

- Jul 12, 2018-

Many people know that embroidery is one of the traditional handicrafts in China. With the development of the times, this technology has been carried forward. And with the gradual upgrading of machinery and equipment, there are many different ways of embroidery. For example, this computer embroidery is a very advanced embroidery method. It can give you a detailed description of how it works.

First, you need to use the computer to assist

When embroidery is in operation, the first thing that can not be separated is computer aided. Because the computer embroidery system is one of the engineering CAD, this mode of operation is mainly by computer aided design function. At this time, the design of the designer can be converted to the disk, or the needle point signal on some media, such as paper tape. In this way, when doing the operation, we can use the information control system to finish the embroidery work well.

Second, we need to use the needle system and needle location optimization system.

Usually, when computer embroidery is used, it is generally possible to make embroidery data templates based on embroidery embroidery. In this way, you can use some stitching system and needle location optimization system to generate certain needle file and then connect it with the computerized embroidery machine. In this way, when embroidery is done, it will be very simple and convenient, and greatly improve efficiency.

These are the computer embroidery operation process, although look at the simple, but also need a certain amount of technology, if you do not understand these technologies, you need to study first, then can start operation.