How Long Does It Take For Computer To Embroider

- Apr 26, 2018-

How long does it take for a computer to embroider?

The traditional printing process is very complicated and needs a lot of processes to generate. This leads to a longer production cycle. The new technology developed now greatly improves these shortcomings. In contrast, the computer embroidery process is simple, shortening the delivery time and improving the product performance. So most of the embroidery factories now use computer embroidery technology to improve their quality and speed. The operation is simple and quick, the pattern is various, the embroidery method is complex, as long as possible to meet all kinds of customer's needs, and as long as the early play is good, it will hardly appear rework phenomenon, so it also improves the qualified rate of the finished product.

Garment embroidery workers must spend their time in the first edition, which will greatly shorten the later processing time. Although it may not be perfectly close to take over, it will not destroy the finished product. After that, we should also pay attention to the matching of material and machine. It is necessary to lay out the cloth according to different machines according to different machines so as to maximize the output of the desired samples. The design of the design needs to be considered in all aspects, not only the degree of customer love, but also the use of materials and machine grinding degree is to be considered. More time spent in these places will save much trouble later. In general, three days to five days are enough, proofing time is longer. You need to compare and revise the finished product. A long time may take more than a month, but usually it doesn't take such a long time.

Excellence is the result that every garment embroidery factory hopes to achieve, and it is also the result that every customer wants. So every factory is doing its best to improve its own technology, update design, and hope to attract customers with unique and excellent technology.