How Long Does The Computer Embroidery Cycle Take?

- Jan 16, 2018-

Garment Embroidery Factory in the initial version of the play must spend time to spend this will greatly shorten the later processing time, although it may not be perfect close to want to take over, but will not destroy the finished product, after proofing the time to pay attention to the material and machine coordination, It is necessary to properly lay out the cloth according to different machines to produce the desired sample as best as possible.

Designers to design the pattern also need to go through various aspects of consideration, not only the customer's favorite degree and the use of materials and machinery to the degree of running-in is to be considered, in these places time spent more later will save a lot of trouble.

General play version of three days to five days enough, proofing time is longer, need to be compared with the finished product many times to revise, the time may even need more than one months, but generally do not need so long time.