How To Choose Embroidery Thread Used By Computer Embroidery

- Apr 27, 2018-

How to choose embroidery thread used by computer embroidery?

First, the difference between computerized embroidery and printing is also reflected on line. The line will change the effect of computer embroidery. The production of different styles and selection of thread edges is very important. Here is a brief introduction of the effect of these embroidery lines.

Rayon is almost the same as polyester yarn, and the advantage of polyester yarn is that it can have more color choices. However, rayon is relatively stable with polyester thread, low heat, easy to touch, and not suitable for frequent cleaning.

Two, wool line, than the general embroidery line to be more coarse, commonly used in towel embroidery, rope embroidery, and then collocation on the knitted fabric is particularly beautiful, soft embroidery effect, and this is a hand-made art special beauty. Because it is too thick, it is necessary to use a large needle, but also consider whether the needle thread can match the cloth. In addition, the tension of the line should be loosely adjusted to ensure that the embroidery line moves in sufficient space.

Three, polyester thread, because of its characteristics can be used to wash chemicals, reduce clothing fade and decolorization. Clothes that are often washed, such as hotel uniforms, sportswear and jeans, are mostly made of polyester thread to reduce the decolorization of clothing. Polyester filaments are now more tough for rayon. In embroidery, even the high speed machine, polyester thread can also bear such a big pull, the shoe, cap and handbag will often see the technology, and the high fire resistance, even if the clothes close to the flame, it is not easy to catch fire.

Polyester thread with high elasticity. You will find that the rayon has been pulled hard and then it will be relaxed to find that the rayon does not shrink much. On the contrary, the polyester filament is relaxed after pulling, and it will return to the original length, but it may cause wrinkles, so it is more accurate to adjust the tension in terms of tension.

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