How To Classify Embroidery

- Apr 28, 2018-

It is the simplest and most common printing process to print the flower pattern of various colors directly on the fabric, which is the direct printing. To put it plainly, the cloth is first woven and then printed.

Embroidery has better air permeability than printing, and it will not fade when washing. Embroidery technology has been in ancient China, ancient women with the quality of embroidery as "skillful, able" standard, now the use of professional computer embroidery software programming methods to design patterns and needle order, and ultimately to achieve large volume production of embroidery products.

The characteristics of jacquard are more obvious than those of the front two, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong and the pattern is vivid. When weaving, the jacquard is woven with different colors. Compared to the embroidery, the pattern is stronger and the air permeability is better. Of course, the price is a little higher relative to the price.