Discern The Marks Of The Logo By Hot Drilling

- May 10, 2018-

At present, the market is very popular with logo, embroidered chapter products plus hot diamond, it can be made into pictures, very suitable for DIY, this east is called hot, because it can make the dress more fashionable, beautiful, and easy to operate, so it comes out many of its brothers and sisters, such as: hot, octagonal, copper. The acrylic drill, the resin, and so on.

Look at the appearance: first look at the cutting surface of the diamond, the more the cutting surface, the higher the degree of his refraction, the better the brightness. 

Secondly, whether the cutting surface is even, there are definite teeth, scratches and bubbles as the inferior. 

The drilling technology is strict, the process is complex, the rate of finished product is not very high, the secondary rate in the 3%-5% diamond should be considered as a good product, and then see whether the size of the diamond is consistent. 

The diameter of SS6 is 1.9-2.1mm and SS10 is 2.7-2.9mm. It should also look at the consistency of the thickness.

Look at the back glue: turn the diamond over to see the color of the back glue, whether the color is uniform or not. 

The color is bright and uniform, which is regarded as a good diamond.

Look firm: the higher the solubility of the back glue, the better the firmness of the diamond. 

The best way to identify diamonds is to be washed in the washing machine after being ironed and not washed out after washing. 

It proves that the fastness is good and the washing will fall. 

It proves that the firmness of the glue is not good and the dry cleaning of the good products can not be removed.