How To Hand Make A Patch

- Mar 19, 2019-

Whhaaaaaaatup!  What up guys. So today i'm going to show you how to hand stitch a patch. 

So get your embroidery backing, cloth (fabric), and your image, along with hoop and your embroidery floss. next put your image under the backing and begin to trace it. I want the reverse image of [my drawing] so what I did is I flipped the backing around and put my cloth on top. 

Now take your hoop. Place the smaller one underneath and begin to loosen the top one. you'll want it loose enough so you can place it over the cloth and the smaller hoop. Now pull on the edges of the cloth so it gets tight like a drum. I started with yellow because that will be the majority of the patch's color. You can turn on the light on on your phone and put that underneath so you can see where your image is. 

your going to make your fist stitch from the bottom, tie a knot at the end of your string, and then come back on top. I like to start where the very top of the yellow will be and work my way down from there with a bunch of horizontal stitches. Just line by line, starting from right coming up from the back then coming in from the top on the left side. 

I found that things ran a whole lot smoother if you cut of your excess string from that very first stitch you made.

If you run out of string or you are done with your first color, You're going to cut it and your going to split that sting in to two separate [stands] its made out of 6 lil strings so its going to be 3 and 3. you take one of the 3/s and sew it under the last stitch you made. and then proceed to make a square knot. left over right and right over left. And again cut off any extra string. 

So to do the next colors just do like you did the first. tie a knot at the end of your sting and come in through the back and just layer it on there top to bottom. So rather than going horizontal for lines, on the crust i did vertical ones. Just to change things up.