How To Know The Quality Of Embroidery Patches

- Apr 13, 2018-

The high quality embroidery patches should be such a product:

1.The bottom line debugging smoothly, the product looks smooth and flat, the bottom line should be accounted for the total width of the 1/3 flat needle.

2.The pattern needle method is applied properly, and the lines must be round and thick.

3.The surface shall be trimmed, torn paper, waxed paper, the bottom line should be reserved for the length of 5~8mm.

4.Ensure that the cutting is highly clean and not stained.

5.Color line, position, front and back, and pattern should be referenced to the guest board correctly.

6. After the design is finished, we must check the rationality and perfection of the pattern, so as to ensure the production schedule and product quality.