How To Know The Quality Of Embroidery Patches 2

- Apr 13, 2018-

I think it is about the angle, level, middle and verticality of the flower type.

And the proportion of the whole and the embroidery objects one by one.

The rationality of the object color sequence of embroidery.

Flower type stitch stitch flat place, thickness and spacing of the stitch density.

Check whether the needle points of the flower type and the flower position are the same.

The stitch angle of the embroidery object and the design of the entrance and exit.

The properties of embroidery objects and the trimming and connection status between embroidery objects.

Stitch relaxation at the end of the embroidery object.

Cancel the stitch length smaller than 0.5mm in order to reduce the probability of breakage in embroidery production.

Considering the relationship between cutting properties and embroidery patterns, we should use the least stitches to express the best embroidery effect.