How To Use Iron On Embroidery

- Apr 09, 2018-

First of all, we briefly introduce the adhesive principle of the adhesive embroidery chapter. The back of the adhesive embroidery chapter is affixed with a layer of hot melt adhesive. Under high temperature, the hot melt adhesive will melt, and the hot melt adhesive will be cooled again after cooling. Solidified into a solid state, the embroidered cap is fused with the fabric, and the embroidered cap after bonding is not easily peeled off at a low temperature and normal washing.

Then, immediately enter the theme and teach you step by step how to glue the adhesive embroidery to your clothes:

To embroider the badge on the garment, one must first have a heating tool, a large quantity of apparel, a professional hot stamping machine, and a small batch of applications. The iron can be used instead.

Spread the clothing that you want to bond, make sure the position of the adhesive is clean, fix the embroidered cap to the desired position in the clothing, and then heat it with a pressing machine or an iron until the adhesive and the clothing fabric are fused. Hot temperature shopkeepers are generally set at 120-140 degrees, pressing time is about 15-20 seconds, different materials may be different, the time and temperature should be moderately adjusted, simply - is not sticky, then increase the point temperature Or pressure for a little longer!

One thing to note is that the embroidered chapter after bonding should not be immediately opened to see if it is strong because the temperature of the embroidered badge just taken out from the hot press is still high, and the hot melt adhesive is not sticky yet. To wait for the hot melt to cool sufficiently, it can be firmly fixed on the clothes.