Innovate And Develop Embroidery

- Mar 06, 2019-

We all know that if the traditional handicraft industry wants to carry forward, it must innovate and develop, as is the case with embroidery industry. 

Traditional embroidery is seldom studied. Only by constantly absorbing new elements and integrating modern art into traditional embroidery can the embroidery industry develop greatly. 

But instead of letting us copy other people's ideas, we need to have our own designs.

A merchant's embroidery work was convicted of plagiarism, which shows that embroidery innovation is not equal to plagiarism, and the value of embroidery lies in the embroidery skill itself.

The court held that the work is an intellectual achievement with originality in the field of literature, art and science and can be reproduced in a tangible form. 

The work in question embodies the author's intellectual work and has originality, so it belongs to a work in the sense of copyright law and enjoys corresponding copyright according to law. 

"Copyright belongs to the author. If there is no proof to the contrary, the citizen, legal person or other organization signing the work shall be the author." 

The undertaking officer pointed out that in this case, the plaintiff submitted relevant publications to confirm that the copyright owner of the work involved was the plaintiff of the case. 

Therefore, in the absence of other evidence to the contrary, the plaintiff should be identified as the copyright owner of the art work involved.