Ironing Method For Patch Stickers

- Jan 16, 2018-

1. Before ironing the back to keep clean, according to the use of iron to adjust the temperature to fit the temperature of clothing.

2. Put the cloth affixed to the appropriate location (plastic do not tear), hot a few days, usually hot 15 seconds or so can be

3. In order to prevent scalding, you can paste on the cloth on a layer of thin cotton cloth (can not be faded cloth), after the inspection edge to see if the hot, the edge of a few more hot.

4. Also according to the degree of cloth paste thickness to determine the temperature, a little thicker, it must be high temperature, hot longer some. For a particularly thick cloth paste, you can burn a few more on the back.

5. For the cloth with sequins or wire embroidered should be ironed first from the back, until the cloth affixed firmly fixed and then trimmed corners from the front, so as not to damage the positive sequins or other ornaments.

6. The best way is after the hot, with a needle and thread on the edge of the cloth to sew a few stitches, so firmer, also very serve paste.

7. There is no iron in the house, you can also use the same color line to sew the cloth on the clothes.