Clothing Logo And The Knowledge Of Clothing Maintenance

- Jun 08, 2018-

Garments and garments are usually labeled with a variety of labels.

These signs are instructive to consumers, such as trademarks on the collar and cuffs. It makes it easier for consumers to identify the brand. In the neckline, the side seam will be marked with size and size, so that consumers can choose the right clothes according to their sizes. There will be hanging cards in the most obvious place. It sets up all the information about the clothes. A comprehensive introduction to clothing brands, ingredients, specifications and whether or not they are qualified are presented. But these are not the most important. This small logo hidden in the clothes crevice is what we want to focus on today. It plays a key role in consumer's clothing maintenance.

Clothing logo is called durability logo

It is mainly directed to enable consumers to refer to the two aspects of ingredients and content of raw materials and washing methods. Correct maintenance during the process of wearing. From the identification of durability marks, we can identify the texture of clothing and enable consumers to understand the characteristics of clothing. In addition, we can also see these more professional designs, which are marked on the label. In fact, it mainly tells us that the washing method of clothing is very authoritative.

These kinds of patterns are easy to see, but look closely together. In fact, the most common washing signs in life are the five main categories. The wash logo is based on the groove pattern, and it says that the clothes can be washed by the washing machine and can also be used. Wash with hand. The number in the groove is the highest water temperature standard. If there is a hand in the slot, it means that the clothes can only be rubbed gently by hand. If there is a fork in the groove, it means that the clothes should not be washed. Like cotton and linen fabrics, it is easy to shrink, chemical fiber and blended fabrics are easy to dry. Clothes with metal ornaments are easy to wash. But they can all be washed.

Recognize dry cleaning signs, just remember the circles.

As for the letter changes, it is nothing more than the requirement for dry cleaning materials. Only for dry cleaning professionals, if you draw a fork on the circle. Do not do dry cleaning. Woolen and silk garments are easy to lose their luster, and the silk that is hollowed out with flowers will seriously shrink and deform, so they all have the marks of dry cleaning. The question of whether bleach can be bleached depends on the pattern of triangular or triangular cone bottles, which means that bleach can be used. If you take a fork naturally, you can't bleach. Bleach is strong and easy to decompose fiber. It is only suitable for monochromatic cotton fabrics. Unless it is a last resort, it is best not to use bleach.

The drying of clothes is also a maintenance method

Air marking is a clothing pattern, indicating that you can hang up and bask in the sun. If there is more twill on the clothes, it means drying in a cool place after dehydration. There is a "flat" word, that is, flat and dry, many fork is not allowed to hang dry. Like cotton and knitted fabric, the material is soft and loose, and the structure is complex. It should be spread evenly, and the material of the chemical fiber is fast and can be hung.

The last step of the dress is ironing

Clothing materials will show different effects at different temperatures. If there is a ripple under the ironing mark, it is necessary to have a cloth when ironing, and if there are some vertical bars below, it is necessary to use a steam iron for ironing. Secondly, the temperature hint of the iron is displayed by identifying the dots above. One point indicates that the temperature of the iron must not exceed 110 degrees. The two point indicates that the highest temperature of the iron must not exceed 150 degrees. As for the three point, the maximum temperature is 200 degrees. Before you iron it, you must see exactly how many points it is. Of course, natural fiber has good temperature resistance, and the temperature can be ironed if selected. The chemical fiber is not resistant to temperature and easy to get aurora. Even if it is pressed, it should be cold or cloth.

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